Realise your potential in the natural environment


Onsite Activities

Map & Compass

Get to grips with the compass whilst running and spinning around our 8 acre field before building a giant compass from scavenged materials. Using the compass as a guide follow our treasure hunt. Then it’s up to you to make a treasure map using natural materials from our woodland  and challenge your friends to find the hidden pot of ‘gold’.

Assault Course

Work as a team to negotiate the challenges given to you as you clamber over tyres and slither through tunnels, cross minefields and balance over beams. Once your team has completed the low level assault course successfully you will be encouraged to try it blindfolded (with the help of a friend) and then let your inner competitor free as you take on the time trial- is it better to be bigger or smaller? Does the sportsman/woman of the group necessarily have the edge? A real team building activity that’s great for getting everyone to know one another.

The Great Goblin Rally

Using a lot of ingenuity coupled with scavenged wood, cable reels and rope, your challenge is to build a go kart! Working as a team you will need to plan your design, scavenge for materials, build and test your creation before racing your classmates in the Great Goblin Rally. This can form part of a longer session if desired incorporating budgeting, tool use and woodland management.

Fire Lighting

Channel your inner Bear Grylls! Learn how to build and light a camp fire without the use of matches before perfecting your marshmallow toasting technique. Can our beat our record of eight re-cooked layers? At our campfire site located deep within the Goblin Combe woodland, collect wood and use a fire strike to light your own fire to toast marshmallows on.

Archery Woods or Lodge

Under the watchful eye of your friendly and knowledgeable coach, participants will be introduced to the challenging and rewarding sport of archery. After shooting your first arrows there will be time to hone skills and really get to know your bow before taking part in individual and team competitions. Everyone will have the opportunity to shoot in excess of 20 arrows giving ample time to improve and enjoy the new sport. (Participants must be 8yrs +).


Explore the Goblin Combe woodlands with your friends while learning about map reading. Working in small teams you must read the map and plan your route as you navigate from point to point without leaving anyone behind. Take part in a real adventure as you rely upon yourself and your team mates to keep spirits high and make the right decisions to find the correct route to the end of the course in the quickest time.

Den Building

Your challenge is to use scavenged materials to construct a shelter for you and your team good enough to impress the passing estate agents. Will you include special features, a sunroof, a beautiful view or a garden? However, will you remain dry when an unexpected rain shower (courtesy of your instructor) pays a visit?


Can you resist the temptation to peek as you complete the blindfold obstacle course? Following a rope you will clamber through tyres, slither through tunnels, negotiate the maze, balance over bridges and much more. Will you be a good team mate and pass the message back about what to expect from each obstacle or take an ‘everyone for themselves’ approach! This is a highly enjoyable session that is just as much fun to watch as to do.

Team Challenge Games

Escape the sinking ship, build a bridge to cross a lava field, tie yourselves up in knots, tame the gravity defying stick, travel through the black hole and much more. In your team you will take on a variety of games and challenges designed to be fun, make you laugh and also develop team work. Find out whether you are a natural leader, one who is good at thinking outside the box, considering other team members, or keeping everyone’s spirits up. Will you jump straight in or quietly watch and think before unveiling your perfect solution?

Offsite Activities

There are a range of other activities that are available through our work with other local activity centres and are delivered offsite at a range of locations. Prices range from£15 to £23 per head and choices include;

  • High Ropes
  • Caving
  • Climbing
  • Abseiling
  • Gorge Walking
  • Canoeing
  • Sailing
  • Raft Building

Please speak to us to discuss the combinations available.