Realise your potential in the natural environment

Day Visits

All of our day visit programmes are available as full day or half day activities or combine two activities to fill your day. Choose from any of the following activities:

Wild Art

Decorate the woods with a range of natural materials and take some of your inspirational art home to bring the outdoors back to your classroom

Celts & Romans

Explore the lives of Celts & Romans with this interactive trail through Goblin Combes historic site

Woodland Investigators

Explore the diverse habitats of Goblin Combe, discover the Minibeasts or our Meadows, Woods and Pond.

Wilderness Challenge

Learn all the skills to survive in the wild, including fire lighting, shelter building and finding food

Search & Rescue

Build your team then compete to find and keep the items your team needs to survive and be rescued from the wild

Plants & Trees

Discover the mysteries of Goblin Combes diverse plant life. Discover the age of trees and how other plants survive with Giant neighbours

Dormouse Detectives

Explore the life of Goblin Combes Hazel Dormouse population then build and decorate a Dormouse House and place it in our woods to support your own Dormouse family.


Build communication and team work skills through our team challenge course and then work together to be first to complete one of Goblin Combes challenging courses

Team Challenge

Complete our Night Line and Team Challenge course and then show off your new team skills with challenging games and activities.


Visit Goblin Combes Ancient Hill Fort then learn the skills to defend the keep from invaders

Alternatively our staff can work with you to build a bespoke programme specifically for your group, please contact us to discuss this option.