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Summer Holiday Activities


Kids only – no adults allowed! This summer, Goblin Combe is running two days of unaccompanied children’s woodland activities.

A day in the woods from 10am to 3pm, exploring, fire lighting, den building and playing games that could range from building a bridge to cross a lava field, to trying to tame a gravity defying stick! For our over 8’s there’s a chance to have a go at archery too.

Monday 17th July for ages 5-7. For tickets click here.
Wednesday 26th July, ages 8+. For tickets click here.

£25 per child or *BUY ONE GET ONE HALF PRICE*



Come and spend the day as a family at Goblin Combe this summer holiday.
N.B. Children must be accompanied by at least one paying adult in all of these activities.


Whether you’ve done it before or not doesn’t matter, come and shoot some arrows at Goblin Combe this summer. Enjoy the challenging and rewarding sport of archery and learn how to hone your skills and really get to know your bow before taking part in individual and team competitions.

Monday 7th August for ages 8+ : 9-11, 11.30-1.30, 1-4pm. For tickets click here.

£15 per adult/child

Young Explorers

Especially designed for smaller legs and shorter concentration spans (!), these fun filled and fast paced bushcraft sessions cherry pick the best bits from what Goblin Combe has to offer. Get a taste of some our survival games, try your hand at den building and have a go at some fire-lighting, complete with obligatory toasted marshmallows!

Tuesday 8th August for ages 8 and under: 9-11, 11.30-1.30, 1-4pm for a family of four. For tickets click here.
(Family tickets can be a combination of any formation of four but must include at least one participating adult).

£22 per family and £5 per extra child

Family Bushcraft

Fancy setting up your family home in the woods? Well you can for a day this summer at Goblin Combe. Scavenge materials to construct a shelter for you and your family good enough to relocate to. Will you include special features, a sunroof, a beautiful view or a garden? Then it’s time to create the fire! Collect the wood and learn how to build and light your own fire, with the added bonus of cooking some treats on it too.

Wednesday 10th August 10-3pm for a family of four. All ages welcome but there will be a bit of walking! For tickets click here.
(Family tickets can be a combination of any formation of four but must include at least one participating adult).

£35 per family and £10 per extra child